MČR Rogaining 2013

Czech Rogaining Championships, 29. – 30.6.2013, Broumy

FINAL DETAILS - MČR Rogaining 2013

Czech Rogaining Championships, 29. – 30.6.2013, Broumy

TJ Lokomotiva Beroun, o.s. - orienteering club
Organisational provision:
LBE Orienteering, o.s.
Czech Association of Rogaining and Mountain Orienteering (ČAR)
29. – 30.6.2013
Event Centre:
Broumy, football stadium (49°57'14.393"N, 13°51'13.352"E)
in the field near the event centre, the parking will be moved to the village in the case of bad weather, please follow the organisers‘ instructions

at the event centre during the following hours:

  • Friday 18:00 - 23:00
  • Saturday 8:00 – 9:00
    ((participants of 6 hour competition until 10:00, participants of 12 hour competition until 15:30)

Please bring your SI cards to registration so they can be checked. We recommend the use of SI cards with higher capacity for the 24 hour rogaining participants. Controls above the capacity of the SI card will not be accepted.

Attachment of SI cards will take place at the registration at the following times:

  • 9:00 – 9:30 for the 24 24 hour competition and INCOMERS
  • 10.00 – 10:30 for the 6 hour competition
  • 15:00 – 15:30 for the 12 hour competition
Own tents in the area of the event centre (no fee) for the participants of the 24 and 12 hour competition. Competitors in the other classes have to pay 50CZK per one night, if they want to sleep in their own tents in the area of the event centre. Competitors in the 12 hour category can make use of the accomodation in the surrounding area - Krivoklat, Beroun, Horovice.
Please, ut up your tents in the designated areas only.
It is the responsibility of each competitor, transport is not provided by the organisers. Own means of transport or use of public (bus) transport from Beroun or Zebrak.
Event Type:
The event centre can be entered from the parking area via a side/provisional entrance (please take care when entering via this entrance). It will only be possible to enter through the main entrance during the competition.
Event Type:
  • Czech 24 hours rogaining championships (Sat 12:00 - Sun 12:00)
  • 12 hours rogaining - open race (Sat 18:00 - Sun 06:00)
  • 6 hours rogaining - open race (Sat 14:00 - Sat 20:00)
  • 6 hours rogaining for Event Partners as well as other incomers (Sat 12:00 – Sat 18:00)
Competition Area:
Křivoklátsko – the competition area is bordered by the urban areas of Beroun, Chyňava, Poteplí on the eastern side; Bratronice, Běleč, Městečko, Lašovice, Žďáry on the northern side; Příčina, Zhoř, Chlum, Hlohovičky on the western side and Chotětín, Zbiroh, Žebrák, Zdice, Králův Dvůr on the southern side (only area north of the motorway – the area south of the motorway will not be a part of the competition area)
The highlands of Křivoklát (western, southern and central parts), the Lánská highlands (north) and Karlovická highlands (northwest). The highest point is 617 metres above sea level, the lowest point is 220 metres above sea level. A decent number of paths, density of settlements is greater along the southern border and in the north parts, woodlands cover more than 70% of the area.
Special map for rogaining, scale 1: 50 000, e = 10 m, map updated 05/2013, waterproof layout (Tyvek)
Control descriptions:
Verbal control descriptions (Czech and English versions) will be given out along with the competition map and point value of each control. The organiser’s mobile phone number will be printed on the descriptions, which you should use in the case of emergency.
Punching System:
Electronic SI (Sport-Ident) system.
Every competitor has to have her/his own SI card!
Competitors taking part in the 24 hours rogaining championships have to have the SI6 type.
The SI cards can also be hired from the organizers for a fee of 50 CZK per chip.
Classification System:

Each check point is marked on the map and in control descriptions and the value of each control is equal to its first digit times 10 (values vary from 30 to 90 points). The number and order of control points is up to discretion of each team (go-as-you-please). Passing of each control point has to be marked by inserting the SI card into the SI unit. Each control point is marked by a white-orange control kite of size 30x30 cm, SI unit and punches (just in case of the SI unit failure). The final ranking of each team depends on the sum of the points gained. In case of an equal point result, the faster time wins. Exceeding the given time limit results in penalization - each started minute equals to 20 points being taken away. If the time limit is exceeded by more than 30 minutes, the team will not be classified.

Planner’s comments:
10 minutes before the start of each competition
  • 24 hours (MO, WO, XO, MV, WV, XV, MSV, WSV, XSV, MJ, WJ, XJ)
  • 12 hours (MO12, WO12, XO12)
  • 6 hours (MO6, WO6, XO6, OPEN)
  • 6 hodin (INCOMERS)
  • M (all team members are men)
  • W (all team members are women)
  • X (there is at least one man and at least one woman in the team)
  • V (veteran class, all members have to be 40 years old or older - born 28.6.1973 and earlier)
  • SV (superveteran class, all members have to be 55 years old or older - born 28.6.1958 and earlier)
  • J (junior class - all members have to be 20 years old or younger - born 1.7.1992 and later)
  • INCOMERS – any composition of team members, designated especially for people new to rogaining who have not regularly taken part in Czech Rogaining Championships in the past

All members of the team have to go around the whole course together. If one member gives up, the whole team is obliged to come back to the finish together.
Participants younger than 18 years old can take part in the event only with a written consent of his/her parents or legitimate representative. Any participant younger than 15 years, in addition, has to be accompanied by a team member older than 18 year.

Only members registered with ČAR (Czech Association of Rogaining and Mountain Orienteering) can take part in the 24 hours Czech Rogaining championships. All members of team have to be registered. You can register for free on the day.

Out-of-bounds areas:
There will be a number of out-of-bounds areas in the competition area. One of them is a private piece of land in the proximity of the start. The other out-of-bounds areas are small nature reserves managed by CHKO Krivoklatsko. We have agreed that the routes and controls will be located outside of these reserves. This condition must be kept! Therefore please plan your route so that you avoid these out-of-bounds areas and do not enter these areas in any case, not even on paths. Teams that will enter these areas will be disqualified. Individuals who break this condition and enter these areas will be fined by the management of nature reserves. This fine can be up to 100 000CZK, depending on the offence committed.
All out-of-bounds areas are marked on the map by red cross-hatching. Nature reserves which cannot be marked on the map due to their size are marked by two red bands on the trees in the forest.
Other conditions:
Other conditions are given by the forest/land owners, who require the competitors to follow the restrictions set by the forest act. These regulations include no damage to the young trees, no entry into fenced areas and no smoking or fires in the forest.
Refreshments during the competition will be provided (hash house) for 24-hour and 12-hour rogaine participants only. There will be a non-stop buffet run by organisers during the whole duration of the event and furthermore there is a local restaurant ‘Na hristi’ which will open during the event. There is a large number of wells, springs, streams, buffets and restaurants in the competition area, therefore there will no additional water points in the competition area set up by the organisers.
Compulsory equipment for the competition:
Each competitor must have the following with them at all times throughout the race:
  1. A whistle for attracting attention in case of emergency
  2. We strongly recommend a charged-up mobile phone

Friday 28.6.2013

  • 18:00 – 23:00 – Registration of 6, 12 and 24 hours rogaining participants and the non-competitive class INCOMERS

Saturday 29.6.2013

  • 8:00 - 9:00 – Registration of 24 hours rogaining participants and non-competitive class INCOMERS (competitors in the 6 hours rogaining can register until 10:00, competitors in the 12 hours regaining until 15:30)
  • 9:00 - 9:30 – attachment of SI cards (using a wristband) for 24 hours rogaining competitors and non-competitive class INCOMERS
  • 10:00 – 24 hours rogaining and non-competitive class INCOMERS map distribution
  • 10:00 – 10:30 - attachment of SI cards (using a wristband) for 6 hours rogaining competitors
  • 12:00 – Start of 24 hours rogaining competition and non-competitive INCOMERS race
  • 12:00 – 6 hours rogaining map distribution
  • 14:00 - Start of 6 hours rogaining competition
  • 15.00 - 15:30 attachment of SI cards for 12 hours regaining
  • 16:00 - 12 hours rogaining map distribution
  • 17:00 – Hash house opens
  • 18:00 – Finish of the non-competitive INCOMERS race
  • 18:00 – Start of 12 hours rogaining
  • 20:00 – Finish of the 6 hours rogaining competition
  • 21:30 – Prize giving ceremony for the 6 hours rogaining competition

Sunday 30.6.2013

  • 6:00 – Finish of 12 hours rogaining competition
  • 12:00 – Finish of 24 hours rogaining competition
  • 13:00 – Hash house closes
  • 14:00 – 24 hours and 12 hours rogaining price-giving ceremony
Map Distribution:
  • Saturday, 29.6. at 10:00 - for 24 hours competition and non-competitive INCOMERS class
  • Saturday, 29.6. at 12:00 - for 6 hours competition
  • Saturday, 29.6. at 16:00 - for 12 hours competition
Mass start of the race:
  • Saturday, 29.6. at 12:00 - for 24 hours competition and non-competitive INCOMERS class
  • Saturday, 29.6. at 14:00 - for 6 hours competition
  • Saturday, 29.6. at 18:00 - for 12 hours competition
  • Saturday, 29.6. at 18:00 - for non-competitive INCOMERS class
  • Saturday, 29.6. at 20:00 - for 6 hours competition
  • Sunday, 30.6. at 06:00 - for 12 hours competition
  • Sunday, 30.6. at 12:00 - for 24 hours competition
Additional events:
There will be a kids’ orienteering game on Saturday afternoon, while a country band will be playing for the adults.
Prize giving:
The first three teams in each ‘competitive’ class will be awarded prizes at the prize giving ceremony. There will be no prize giving for the INCOMERS class, but each participant in this category will be awarded an official acknowledgment of participation.
  • Event Director: Ladislav Lejbl
  • Course planner: Vladimír Mezník
  • Jury: Václav Šimon
  • Event authorisation: Jan Marek
  • Catering director: Pavla Vildmonová
Further information:
on the event webpage - http://www.rogaining2013.cz/
Important highlights:
The race is organised according to the CAR rules:
  • 1) Competitors can only use the map provided by the organisers. After the maps are given out, it is strictly forbidden to use any other maps, e.g. with tourist routes on them.
  • 2) All competitors who are Czech Republic citizens can start in the 24 hour rogaine competition only if they are CAR registered members. All members of the team have to be CAR registered.
  • 3) Participants who are younger than 15 years old can only take part if they are accompanied by a team member who is 18 years old or older. Participants who are younger than 18 years old have to have a written consent from their parent or guardian.
  • 4) Each competitor takes part at his/her own risk and is responsible for his/her safety. Competitors are obliged to sign a declaration that they take part at their own risk.
  • 5) The organizer doesn’t hold any responsibility and/or liability for any damage caused by any participant of the race.
Excerpt from the Czech Association of Rogaining and Mountain Orienteering (CAR) rules

Competitors are only allowed to use a compass and the competition map given out by the organisers. It is not acceptable to use other maps or orientation tools (GPS etc.) during the race. In the case of ambiguity of the orientation tools, it is the responsibility of the jury to decide whether they are acceptable, and the responsibility of the CAR headquarters in the long term.

Competitors must not use any public transport or any other means of transport.

All members of the team have to go round the whole course together. The team members have to be close together especially when running into the finish and when going through the control checkpoints. Each member has to punch the control point himself/herself. It is strictly forbidden to abandon your team members without the permission from the organiser (e.g. in case of exhaustion or injury) in order to finish the race on your own. Competitors (the team) must not be helped or accompanied by another person.
A dog or another animal is only allowed to accompany the team with permission from the organiser. The organiser can allow the use of restaurants or shops. In essence, these should be services available to all competitors.
In the case of an accident (e.g. injury), competitors must provide all the possible help. The team must not be penalised for breaking the rules if this is linked to provision of help.

The competitors are required to follow the organisers’ instructions as well as all acts set out in the Czech Republic territory.

The team must not place any supplies or equipment into the competition area before the race. The team must not leave any equipment or supplies in the area during the race either, if they are not picked up before the end of the race.

After the time limit, all teams which have not yet finished the race are obliged to report at finish as soon as possible. In case of breaking this obligation, the team members will be responsible for any potential rescue action.

The race finishes after the previously set time limit (number of hours), which is counted from the start signal. Teams exceeding the time limit will be penalised for each started minute after the end of the limit. If the time limit is exceeded by more than 30 minutes, the team will not be classified.